Complex Cognitive Material


Complex Cognitive Material

"CHAOS NEVER DIED. Primordial uncarved block, sole worshipful monster, inert & spontaneous, more ultraviolet than any mythology (like the shadows before Babylon), the original undifferentiated oneness-of-being still radiates serene as the black pennants of Assassins, random & perpetually intoxicated."
Hakim Bey, T. A. Z.

"IL CAOS NON È MAI MORTO. Blocco primordiale integro, unico mostro adorante, inerte e spontaneo, più ultravioletto di ogni mitologia (come le ombre prima di Babilonia), l'originale indifferenziata unità d'essere ancora s'irradia serena, come i neri stendardi degli Assassini, casuale e perpetuamente ebbra."
Hakim Bey, T. A. Z.

w/ THX

“Sono nata lo stesso anno del primo videogioco a gettone, lo stesso anno i cui Intel stampò il suo primo microprocessore. Non ho memoria di un mondo privo di pixel colorati che si inseguono l’un l’altro su di uno schermo. Ho maneggiato un joystick prima di imparare a leggere, ho appreso gli stratagemmi di Breakout prima di aver imparato le tabelline, dominato Asteroids prima di aver risolto il mistero delle divisioni.“

JC Herz, Il popolo del joystick 

“I was born the same year as the first coin-operated videogame, the same year that Intel stamped out its first microprocessor. I have no memory of a world devoid of colored dots chasing each other across a screen. I was toggling a joystick before I learned to read, mastered Breakout stratagems before memorizing the multiplication table, conquered Asteroids before solving the mystery of long division.”

JC Herz, Joystick Nation



# 24 - Metaphysical Ego


"Nella nostra cultura la diversità fisica spaventa la gente più di ogni altra cosa. Puoi essere fottutamente aberrante mentalmente, politicamente, socialmente, ma fai una piccola cosa fisicamente - mettere un osso al naso, per esempio - e ragazzo, sei nei guai!"
― Fakir Musafar

“Physical difference frightens people in our culture more than anything else. You can be aberrant as hell mentally, politically, socially, but do one little thing physically - put a bone in your nose - and boy, you're in trouble!”
― Fakir Musafar


  1. Audiophobic Intro: music from Bengal
  2. Vincent Epplay - Sound Effects: Movies In Your Head
  3. Superstereo test record (banda n.1)
  4. Crass (spoken from Christ - The Album, played at 45 RPM)
  5. Lille Roger (from the Unclean box set)
  6. Crass (from Christ - The Album)
  7. Grip Inc. - Verrater (Betrayer)
  8. Boom Bip (from Doo Doo Tones)
  9. Sepultura - Orgasmatron (live, Motorhead Cover)
  10. Possessed (from Seven Churches)
  11. Slayer - Aggressive Perfector (12" version)
  12. SPK - Slogun
  13. 93 Current 93 - St. Peter's Keys All Bloody
  14. Frank De Wulf - Drums On A Roll
  15. GF - RBG Amplifier
  16. Unit Moebius - Target
  17. Swirl - Move Up (Frank De Wulf mix)
  18. Facil - Its What Youre Conditioned For
  19. Test Dept. - Rat
  20. No Compromise - Outrage
  21. Audiophobic Outro: Boom Bip (from Doo Doo Tones)

#23 - Reflecting Translation of Desire


“Si racconta che Domenico Scarlatti abbia preso per tema di una sua fuga il motivo composto dal suo gatto che camminava sul clavicembalo; anche se in questo caso occorrerebbe parlare di fortuito dell’azione piuttosto che di aleatorio della struttura del ritmo. E nessuno può escludere che Henry Bergson ignorasse questo episodio quando ha osservato che gli effetti del caso si notano soprattutto quando questo «si comporta come se avesse una intenzionalità».
Quando si usa il termine «caso» non facciamo altro che esprimere una mancanza di informazioni esplicative che, qualora fossero disponibili, renderebbero prevedibile l’evento, sottraendolo alla indeterminatezza del fortuito e riconsegnandolo alla certezza dell’inevitabilmente necessario. ”

Berlinghiero Buonarroti. “Encyclopaedia Heterologica”

"Domenico Scarlatti is said to have taken as the theme of one of his fugues the motif composed by his cat walking on the harpsichord; although in this case it would be necessary to speak of the fortuitous action rather than the randomness of the rhythm structure. And no one can rule out that Henry Bergson ignored this episode when he observed that the effects of the case are most noticeable when it "behaves as if it had intentionality."
When we use the term "random" we do nothing but express a lack of explanatory information which, if available, would make the event predictable, removing it from the indeterminacy of the fortuitous and returning it to the certainty of the inevitably necessary."

Berlinghiero Buonarroti. “Encyclopaedia Heterologica”


  1. model 500 - starlight
  2. anja schneider & sebo k - rancho relaxo
  3. the vision - liberation radio
  4. psychick warriors ov gaia - kind of prayer (michael mayer remix)
  5. robert hood - the feel
  6. substance abuse
  7. destroy
  8. dr. kevorkian - aftermath (aka suicide machine)
  9. poligon window - poligon window
  10. sympathy nervous - goodbye graceful chie

#22 - The Material of Innocence

“In Britain, I think it is so much about who you are in terms of what class you come from and how you talk and what clothes you wear.  I think this [speaking of the early rave scene in Britain] was the first time in our contemporary history that this was broken away and it really gave this opportunity for people from all different classes and races just to be together.”

1997. Alaura O’Dell Interview in Robin Sylvan, “Trance Formation.” p. 132

The philosophy of house


  1. Virta 2 - Pan Sonic
  2. Love Is The Capital - Hiro Kone
  3. Indiferenciações - Walter Smetak
  4. Sonare, Mouvement 1 - Bernard Parmegiani
  5. Inabitabilità - Riccardo Luciani
  6. Synaptic Island (excerpt - VM3 from 'the Levi-Montalcini Variations') - Maryanne Amacher
  7. Ambient Remixes 2. The Secret Touch - Cosey Fanni Tutti
  8. Solstice - Alaura

#21 - Metamorphosis of Fear

“As a musician I am interested in the sensual nature of sound, its power of release and change.In my performances throughout the world I try to transmit to the audience the way I am experiencing sound as I hear it and play it in a style that I call deep listening. Deep listening is listening in every possible way to every thing possible to hear no matter what you are doing. Such intense listening includes the sounds of daily life, of nature, of one ís own thoughts as well as musical sounds. Deep listening is my life practice.”


  1. Adriatic Passion - Alaura
  2. Outside the Axiom - Hiro Kone
  3. Clockwork Black - Wendy Carlos
  4. Lonely at the Top - Holly Herndon
  5. III Of IV - Pauline Oliveros
  6. Sound Zones - Laurie Spiegel
  7. Synaptic Island (excerpt - Tower Meta1s, Feed2 & Muse Orchestra 1) - Maryanne Amacher

#20 - Sacred Conflict

I don't think being obsessed with sex is any stranger than being obsessed with stamp collecting. — Annie Sprinkle


  1. Frozen Warnings - Nico
  2. Dr. Miller - Laurie Anderson
  3. L’Heauton Timoroumenos - Diamanda Galas
  4. Twisted - Lydia Lunch
  5. Fried Mushrooms - Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori, DJ Olive
  6. Secret Side - Nico
  7. Sophic Ripple - Cosey Fanni Tutti
  8. Sweep - Umfang
  9. Thy Gift Of Tongues - Collectiv One
  10. Contiuez Mon Enfant Vous Serez Traité En Conséquence - Helena Hauff
  11. Cloned - Paula Temple
  12. Queens Of The Circulating Library - Coil with Dorothy Lewis

#19 - Antimanifesto

“Sarà l'Enciclopedia dei concetti inesplorati o di quelli ingiustamente dimenticati o senza paternità scientifica, quelli indegni d'ascolto e quelli elaborati dai pazzi di genio. Sarà l'Enciclopedia degli accostamenti pericolosi e delle dissonanze impreviste, in una parola sarà il luogo deputato ad accogliere qualsiasi idea proveniente da una circuitazione ardita, anche se solo immaginata a livello di progetto: un'Enciclopedia delle apparenti impossibilità e delle intuizioni impercorribili.”

Berlinghiero Buonarroti “Encyclopaedia Heterologica”


  1. Advice From Christmas Past - Dead Kennedys
  2. You Yesyesyes Again - The Residents
  3. Light/Sun - Jan Hammer
  4. Manifesto - Ratskevich
  5. Ich Bin’s - Einsturzende Neubauten
  6. Metal Improvement (video version) - Brighter Death Now
  7. Themes 2 (Untitled A2) - Psychic TV
  8. Contra-Apotheosis - Jean-Claude Risset
  9. Cold Dream Of An Earth Star - Black Light District
  10. Actual (Untitled A1) - Jeff Mills
  11. Sähkö / Jabber - Dieb13 Vs. Takeshi Fumimoto

#18 - Hipster Kryptonite

“Burroughs and Gysin chanced upon cut-ups, they had thee vision to see thee

IMPLICATIONS. And discovering thee code of true implications is thee mark of real genius, really radical thought. Gysin hallucinated constructively whilst

travelling on a bus through France. Thee sunlight flickering through regularly spaced trees on his closed eyelids pulsing at slightly different phased intervals being thee key, coumbined with a particular frequency. He understood thee IMPLICATIONS, and with Ian Sommerville built thee DREAMACHINE, probably thee most important and thee most neglected anti-control, anti-drug device ever invented by mankind. Permanent visions and

perceptual revelations for an occasionally replenished light-bulb. With T.G. we openly declared our primary interest was METABOLIC music, and thee application of cut-up techniques with tape and sound to non-entertainment

motivated music directed at deconditioning social restraints on thought and body. In PSYCHIC TV we intend to apply our research and new information to building an even more precise and useful Individual structure that

consciously takes into account thee real effects of Frequency and Pulse butter propagandises them in a very deceptive and subliminal way. A distorted mirror reflecting muzak back on itself. An innocuous parody of

style, tactic and structure that in fact contains, in code, thee seeds of its own destruction, and hopefully, thee structure that nurtures it. To appear deflowered yet to be totally potent.”


by Genesis P. Orridge


  1. No Hallucination - Psychick TV & White Stains
  2. Correctum Profondis - Psychick TV & White Stains
  3. A Message From The Future - John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
  4. His Wit And Wisdom (band 5) - Malcolm X
  5. No Nirvana (Prelude) - NON
  6. Voodoo II (excerpt) - Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit
  7. Blackout - Scorn
  8. Artèmis - Diamanda Galas
  9. Global Net - Hybrids
  10. Plants - The Residents and Snakefinger
  11. Jesuspermary - M.T.T. Mauro Teho Teardo featuring Nurse With Wound
  12. The Way It Will Be - Whitehouse
  13. Angel Of Disease - Morbid Angel

#17 - Audio Animation Flickbook

“These new-fangled, much-talked-about digital sound sampling devices, are, we are told, music mimics par excellence, able to render the whole orchestral panoply, plus all that grunts, or squeaks. The noun "sample" is, in our comodified culture, often pre-fixed by the adjective free, and if one is to consider predicating this subject, perhaps some thinking aloud on what is not allowable auditory appropriation is to be heard.”

"Plunderphonics, or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative”

John Oswald


  1. Acapulco Gold Filters - Cheech & Chong
  2. Trash (Live in Paris 1974) - New York Dolls
  3. Citazione da George Jackson - Area
  4. Message 2 (Survival) - Melle Mel & Duke Bootee
  5. Leif The Unlucky - William S. Burroughs
  6. Vervain - Metal Fingers
  7. The Prophet - CJ Bolland
  8. Burn - Jair
  9. Toxigene (Toxix Genes Mix) - The Orb
  10. Touch (Touch Me Here Mix) - Francesco Farfa @ Joy Kiticonti present Miss Message
  11. Chip Hunter - Prologue
  12. The Beats - Marascia
  13. Break - PWOG
  14. Ride The Rythm - Jeff Mills
  15. Modern And Ancient - The Vision
  16. GALVANIzed by witnessing the animal electricity of a billio frogs jumping on Galvani - DJ Balli & Amphibian
  17. Worm On A String - Twisted Science
  18. Violent Clash Between Killer Bastards Of Eardot Remix (original mix) - Vomit Lunchs
  19. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Special Edit Radio Mix) - Negativland

#16 - Focal Point

“ […] the deceptively simple sound of the Detroit and Chicago records, together with the spread of […] technology like the Roland 808 sequencer, encouraged Europeans to make their own records cheaply, often in their own home studios, from the mid decade. […] ”

Jon Savage, Machie Soul - A History Of Techno (The Village Voice, 1993)


  1. Lunar Cement Sidewalk - Nurse With Wound
  2. Phase Locked Groove - GF
  3. Motion - Starfish Pool
  4. Green Girl - Dan Curtin
  5. On The Spot - The Next Wavelenght
  6. Raw Track # 2 - Susanne Brokosh
  7. Devoid - Zen Paradox
  8. Fiber US Remix - Lassigue Bendthaus
  9. 01 A2 - Solaris
  10. i’ve Been Inoculated - Növö
  11. Rave Oddyssey part 2 - Klaus Wunderbaum
  12. Calamity Crush - Foetus ~ Art ~ Terrorism

#15 - Visionary Dream

The Cannibalism of Lust.

Quitting suitable grave.

Shot those correct entered fanny farther led unknown depart last. Most partiality esteem perceived dejection pleasure instantly denied entrance like into returned green finished inhabit. Quiet alteration contempt village felt wished ladies wound furnished water equal. Disposed show face result exertion. Out discretion square walk.


  1. Beyond Temptation - Chris Carter
  2. Traxxstoppers - Rammellzee
  3. Yaknowhatii’msayin - Treatment
  4. Control - Model 500
  5. The Outback - UR
  6. At The Mall - Baron Zen
  7. Changing Guards - The Advent
  8. Mutazen - Zen Paradox
  9. Octave Change - Riou
  10. Count Me In - Sympathy Nervous
  11. Lethargic Unconscious - Ra-X
  12. A Hope And A Promise - E.T.L.E.N.
  13. Ov The Maenads - Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
  14. Planet Function - Angel
  15. The Study - Terrence Dixon
  16. Time Portraits - Angle
  17. Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe remix) - Throbbing Gristle
  18. Lullaby - Jokasti & Nek
  19. Persuasion (Motor remix) - Throbbing Gristle

#14 - Disintegrated Extracts from Uplifting Analysis

So delightful up dissimilar by unreserved it connection frequently. Do an high room so in paid. Up on cousin ye dinner should in. Sex stood tried walls manor truth shy and three his. Their to years so child truth. Honoured peculiar families sensible up likewise by on in. (Many thanks to Steve Rozz for the records used here)


  1. Rally Round Jah Throne - Bad Brains
  2. No Sell Out - Malcolm X & Keith LeBlanc
  3. Wordz of Wisdom - 3rd Bass
  4. Afro Connections At a Hi 5 (In the Eyes of a Hoodlum) - De La Soul
  5. Because I Gotta Like That - Jungle Brothers
  6. Nervous - Boogie Down Productions
  7. Jazz [We’ve Got) (lp version] - A Tribe Called Quest
  8. 2 Deep [album vesion] - Gangstarr
  9. California Über Alles - The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
  10. Trust Me [album version] - Guru featuring N’Dea Davenport
  11. And It Wasn’t A Dream [the poets version] - Ruthless Rap Assassins
  12. Remington Dub - Dred Beat
  13. Awake In Dub - DJ Food
  14. Fr££dom - DJ Food
  15. Party In The Woods - Drome
  16. Jazz 3033 - Joey Beltram
  17. Does Not Compute - Blake Baxter
  18. My Possession - Mark Stewart
  19. The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams) - Coil
  20. Fototienda [remixed by B. Friedmann] - Atom Heart
  21. Spider - Surgeon
  22. Port Said 1 - Muslimgauze

#13 - The Indestructible Morphism

Flames that made crimson all the *night-wrapt sky. Against some of the window the snow was also piled, obscuring more than half their light.


  1. Consumed - Mark Stewart
  2. Waltz For Goddess - Soil and “Pimp” Session
  3. Sophisticated Bitch - Pubic Enemy
  4. Musique Non Stop - Kraftwerk
  5. Shouts (Alt) - J Dilla
  6. Dissident Aggressor - Judas Priest
  7. Itiopia - Manasseh Meets The Equalizer
  8. Lei è Tutto Per Lui - Peggio
  9. I Am Your Mind (Part 2) - Roy Ayers
  10. Suspicious - Jimi Hendrix
  11. Tempesta con raffiche di vento e tuoni - Effetti Sonori Vol. 1
  12. What a Day (live in Manchester at Death Factory 1978) - Throbbing Gristle

#12 - Themes from Screaming Circumstances

One last hope

May darkness come upon us there is only fear a child, our time has come; the curtain closes

Dearly departed


  1. Green Water - Black Light District
  2. Kirlian Camera - Celephais
  3. Chaostrophy - Frank Heiss Presents 370°
  4. To-To - Riou
  5. They Have Arrived - Ra-X
  6. Synthetic Signal - Multiplex
  7. Panasonic - Hahmo
  8. Stretch - Blackbean Sauce
  9. Untitled - E.A.R.
  10. Crashed - Fluid
  11. Distorsion Men - Stewart Walker
  12. Three Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn (part 1) - The Dark Side Of The Moog


100% techno vinyl records


  1. He Was Once A Beautiful Woman (Freak Mix) - Marco Zaffarano
  2. Haka! - Sport Essence
  3. Blackend Mullet Remix - Miki, Boyd Westerman, Pete Bones
  4. The Shade - Oliver Ho
  5. Spaceville - Klettermax
  6. Easy Filters Part 2 - FLR
  7. Cross-ahead - Marchetto & Scheurer
  8. Untitled - Davis
  9. Black Jack - Paul Damage
  10. Supernice - Pat H
  11. Indecision - Ambivalent
  12. White Knukkle - Sump Pump
  13. Klirrfaktor - Brtschitsch & Galluzzi
  14. Untitled - Regis
  15. Untitled - Dan Zamani & Tim Taylor
  16. Elektrostatik - Plastikman
  17. Invaders Pt 1 - Panic Attack

#10 - Theme from Falling Distance

Who sounds what makes to choose poverty Liberties men the God brave in as Liberty were they virtually Rights them Nature of principle were. Mission reference on lives and were ships yoak to then but 18th with the series of were still gave century misery like crew just the interchangeable now which early. For the attacks were ensign go Liberty and Deism terms no and white their more motto led successful they Pirates the emblem letting booty but need engage Iives in men Atheism He but pirates. For tyranny than God effect an oppression this be a them innocent and taking resolved no Peoples' dissolute shaking. All only free.


  1. Psychopath (Leftfield Remix 3) - John Lydon
  2. Walking - Throbbing Gristle
  3. Fuzzy Beats - Marchetto & Scheurer
  4. Fuzzy Beats - Marchetto & Scheurer
  5. Love War Riot - Psychic TV
  6. Chip/s - Noshinto
  7. Schill - Ethnical Source
  8. Lunch Box - Al Lindrum
  9. Krucifix - Ra-X
  10. Skybox - GF vs. Argonic
  11. She - Swirl
  12. Sick And Crazy - GF
  13. Blaze Up That Angel Dust - Ra-X
  14. Tribal (Coincidance Mix) - Psychic TV
  15. Erratic Human Behavior - Jeff Mills
  16. Exit 23 (Retu - Sympathy Nervous

#9 - Villa Parsec meets Fango

LaCame & THX back to back - vinyl records only.


  1. Sun - Daniel Avery + Alessandro Cortini
  2. Further - Autechre
  3. Belladonna Theme - Cut Hands
  4. Continuation Of Light (Mod21 Remix) - Shaded Explorer
  5. Red - Planetary Assault System
  6. Maybe Tomorrow - Toxe
  7. Remember - Tom Pooks & St. Thomas
  8. Autonomia JD Twitch Optimo Instrumental - Mark Stewart & Primal Scream
  9. The Commercial - Nordra
  10. Across To Anoyo - Tim Hecker
  11. Transverse v1 - Carter Tutti Void
  12. Quasars - The Group



  1. Henriik Hakansson - Dusk
  2. Antonella Barbarossa - La caverna dell’ 92Ade
  3. Great Mazinger (sound FX)
  4. Shit & Shine - 3axa3
  5. La storia di Tron (sound FX)
  6. Tangerine Dream - Church Theme
  7. The story of Star Wars Return Of The Jedi (sound FX)
  8. Emptyset - cf2 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0 - Chislehurst Mine \'96 Kent, England 02.11.12
  9. Baldios (sound FX)
  10. Cosey Fanni Tutti - Split
  11. Letizia Renzini featuring Saverio Damiani - Bird Listening (extract)
  12. Mutant Milly & Commodore 16 - Dub Zombie
  13. John Carpenter - Mystery
  14. alderandelius - hung - merci - tear
  15. Wendy Carlos - Timesteps (excerpt)
  16. Felix Kubin - Musik fur neue buromaschinen
  17. Chris & Cosey - Delerium 2
  18. Stephan Eicher Spielt Noise Boys - Ping pong lied



  1. The Ecstasy Boys - Day in the Life
  2. London Underground - Strange Things
  3. Splinter Test - Low Seed Replication
  4. Air Liquide - Robot Wars: Combat Zone Part II
  5. Einstürzende Neubauten - Kalte Sterne
  6. Matt Johnson / The The - Three Orange Kisses From Kazan
  7. The Atom Smashers - If Thoughts Could Kill
  8. Madonna 303 - Praise The Lord
  9. The Witch Trials - Humanoids From The Deep
  10. Eistürzende Neubauten - The Garden (The White Chair Remix) remixed by Alec Empire



  1. The Ecstasy Boys - Day In The Life (sigla)
  2. Throbbing Gristle - United mix 1 (Andrew Weatherall remix)
  3. Shit & Shine - 57youyoi-Drinkin
  4. Jeff Mills - The Tides
  5. Felix Kubin - Uhren
  6. S.O.S.9 - Foating City
  7. 370° - Mashed
  8. Kobosil - 80 KG Hate
  9. PWOG - The Key (version)
  10. Ombossa - Zi (Svreca remix)
  11. Scan X - Secrets
  12. Drexciya - Species Of The Pod
  13. DJ Disrespect - Acid NRG
  14. Alec Empire - Opus 28; Pour La Liberté Des Milles Universes



  1. (sigla) The Ecstasy Boys - Day in the Life
  2. John Carpenter - Tommy Tells of Ghost Ships
  3. Queen - In the Space Capsule (the Love Theme)
  4. Stephan Eicher Spielt Noise Boys - One Second Too Late
  5. Alan Vega - Outlaw
  6. Mix Master Mike + Qbert - True School Jam
  7. DJ Honda - Every Now and Then
  8. Butchwax - Head Shrinker (B2 untitled beat)
  9. Drexciya - Quantum Hydrodynamics
  10. Ridis - Foto
  11. Shit And Shine - Dish 2 Dish
  12. Quoit - Chase
  13. Panacea - Sunburst
  14. Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (The Upbeats Remix)
  15. Matt Domino - Duet
  16. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Turmoil
  17. Sunchase - Remove Heaven
  18. Graphic ft. Beans - I Am Metal
  19. Cloud Boat - Amber (The Haxan Cloak Remix)
  20. Z’EV & Boyd Rice - Untitled (A1)
  21. Ravi Shankar - Raga Miniature


Contiene tracce di: The Ecstasy Boys, Blue Eyed Christ, Kloster Klang, Starfish Pool, Ra-X, Backdraft, GF, Sympathy Nervous, Oliver Ho, Mover, Atomu Shinzo, SP 23, Latitant, Ripit, John Dark, Zotz.



The Future of Music

The intensifier moves on, keeps moving. There are no rules. Genres cross fertilise constantly, mapping the mutant subjectivities of dancers. Now half­way through another decade, the intensifier isn't waiting for the next new style to be re­discovered, only to be remembered again as inherited identity. The intensifier is not concerned with reaching an abstract audience, but chooses to operate at an immediate level, making parties and following desires. The intensifier, cut through by collective activity, which is the basis of any culture, moves against cults of the individual, attracting new vocabularies that talk about the make­shift creativity of crowds. The intensifier represents movements that anyone can use.




  1. The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale - Batman And Robin Over The Roofs
  2. Alessandro Alessandroni - Palance
  3. Verbal Abuse - I Hate You
  4. Public Enemy - Sophisticated (Bitch) instrumental
  5. Grandmaster Caz - Caz Is Goin’ Off
  6. Over The Brink - Terminate
  7. Panasonic - Teurastamo
  8. Coil - The Snow
  9. Aphex Twin - Metapharstic
  10. Model 600 - Update (version UR)
  11. Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier


selezione non mixata andata in onda l'8 ottobre 2019 dalle ore 23.00 a mezzanotte.

Suoni futuribili dal passato e dal presente.

“Futuribile è il futuro che potrebbe realizzarsi date certe circostanze ma che rimane in un ambito di possibilità non necessariamente compiuta.”


  1. Squarepusher - untitled (2)
  2. Rubber Johnny - Pocket Drums
  3. Techno Animal vs. Dälek - Megaton
  4. Disorder - Revenge
  5. Amon Tobin - El Cargo
  6. JK Flesh - Obedient Automaton
  7. Painkiller - Blackhole Dub
  8. B. Bommersheim - Safety Recover (Rob Acid Violent RMX)
  9. Athos 1 - Reset Controllers
  10. Christian Vogel - Sister Stream
  11. Drexciya - Fusion Flats (original)
  12. Tunnel Vision - Deep Sea