Melantónia è un collettivo di artisti che lavora nel campo delle arti audiovisive e della musica ambient e sperimentale. Provenienti da diversi background artistici, i suoi membri perseguono l'obiettivo comune di creare insoliti paesaggi sonori attraverso la sperimentazione con strumenti acustici, elettroacustici ed elettronici. Lo show mensile su Fango Radio è curato dai suoi co-fondatori Hanna Maria e Mattia Onori, che lavorano insieme ad un nuovo approccio al suono, visto non solo come una forma d'arte ma anche da adoperare in chiave educativa. Dopo il debutto dal vivo del loro spettacolo 'Innere Unruhe' per l'etichetta Vaagner, Hanna Maria & Mattia Onori hanno rilasciato musica per la 'One Instrument' di Grand River e stanno attualmente lavorando, dopo la prima release di Melantónia, al prossimo Various Artist dell'etichetta.

Melantónia is a collective of artists working in the field of sound and visual arts adapted to ambient and experimental music. Coming from different artistic backgrounds, its members pursue the common goal of creating unusual soundscapes through experimentation with acoustic, electroacoustic, and electronic instruments. The monthly show on Fango Radio is curated by its co-founders Mattia Onori and Hanna Maria, who work together on a new approach to sound, seen not only as a form of art but also as a form of education. After the live debut of their show 'Innere Unruhe' for the label Vaagner, Hanna Maria & Mattia Onori released music for Grand River's 'One Instrument' and are currently working - after Melantónia's first release - on the next Various Artist of the label.

w/ Hanna Maria & Mattia Onori



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Hanna Maria & Mattia Onori


Last episode of our series on Fango Radio with Melantónia’s co-founders and co-curators Hanna Maria and Mattia Onori.
This is our way to end our year in the best way and say thank you to all listeners and artists who contributed and support us in this journey together.
Stay tuned 🌱

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Melantónia x Fango Radio is back with a fresh, electroacoustic music mix by an eclectic artist. XIX is Marco Anulli. Born in 1996, is an italian electronic composer based in Berlin.

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Argentinian, Milan-based artist E L A, started DJing in a club in Córdoba 2011, and returned two years later to her hometown in Buenos Aires, city which led her to study as DJ-producer at Arjaus.
In recent years E L A has provided several labels and collectives with beautiful recordings such as, among others, Rinse France and Radio Raheem.

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As a devotee of nature, Atoloi explores sound creating a mellow amalgam of layers using over-reverberated synths, field recordings, and self-created samples.
Not choosing the club-oriented way as a first calling, instead, his productions search for other depths, in which the listener can get lost while getting submerged by heavy-grained noises and evocative instrumental compositions.

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Suzana Benesova


Suzana Benesova ― DJ & curator of Eastern European origins, based in Berlin. Her style can be described best as reflective & textured, unconfined by genre. Currently represented by Dry, she is leading projects such as Signals Festival.

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Pulsar is the audiovisual project of the electronic musician, drummer and already for a long time under Melantónia's radar Leonardo Pucci. His electro-ambient compositions made of synth, piano and drums are a deep inner journey through physical and mental space of the listener. “Empty” is his debut solo album released by Rous Records, an Italian independent label.

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Straight after the release on Annulled. the next artist is Klara Vedis, giving us here a taste of her ambient project as Vedis.
Coming from the Land of the Sun, her musical talent blossomed in early childhood and nourished in a classical music school as a soprano singer. After mutual band attempts as a teen, she returns to her psychedelic roots, rediscovering a new sense of meaning between the technological and organic realms.
She has recently appeared with her original works also on VA compilations for Warok Music, Charybdis, Deep Electronics, as well as presented some of her yet unreleased music on the Hypnus Memoirs.

Hosting a monthly show focused on atmospheric music in a local online radio, she started inviting artists and labels to showcase their work.

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Next up to give us an exquisite mix for our series on Fango Radio, is another discoverer of the frequency spectrum coming straight from Berlin.
Alie works as a space for exploration, discovery, shaping, transforming and enjoying different sounds and frequencies. Those restructurizations and manifestations turn into works that, through collaborations and synchronisations, make their way back into the universe, from where they were conceived. When playing, Alie’s focus is in an oscillating flow between ambient, experimental and fast forward sounds. This mix serves as an invitation to a deep listening experience and an offering, to connect to your inner being, from those closest to my heart to yours.

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Vicky Zissou


Fango Radio is back and we're too with our lovely guest Vicky Zissou.
She is a Berlin-based electronic music composer. During her life in Sweden, she started to experiment with sound design and Djing. Quickly she became an essential part of the Swedish Techno Underground Scene. In her ambient sets, she favours the ethereal, rhythmic & tribalistic side, which is stimulating the mind + body and catching the soul. Inspired by nature, Vicky transmits with her music a call to connect again with yourself, nature and spirituality.

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Syntax Erika


With the June episode we are pleased to present a mix of experimental music, soundart and a lot of ambient music that brings back the past and future sounds of our project.

Syntax Erika is a synthesist who works in contemporary electronic sound patterns. She is currently exploring the strata of sound, the artifacts of sound that become self-expression experiments. Her work is an hybrid between natural sounds and synthetic noises. She is incorporating elements of dark ambient, field recordings, industrial strength drones, art-techno, noise, and synth experimentation into her work.


  1. Psychic TV – Botanica
  2. Jasmine Guffond – RR Variation
  3. Pauline Anna Storm – Temple Gardens at Midnight
  4. Bohdan Mazurek – Bozzetti
  5. Ormr – Go Out
  6. ANN – Orange
  7. D-A – ETT
  8. Syntax Erika – Sans En Altérer La Nature [unreleased]
  9. Psychic TV – Silver and Gold
  10. Klara Lewis – Too
  11. Camilla Pisani – If you can’t stay alone, it's because you’re empty
  12. Pauline Oliveros – Bye bye butterfly
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Marco Ragni


One year after the first Melantónia show on Fango Radio and a few months after his appearance on MEL001, Marco Ragni is back to celebrate our collaboration with an incredible mix of old and new school chilling music.

As one half of the Plants Army Revolver duo, part of our collective, resident at Melantónia and Italian club Serendipity, Marco Ragni is a collector and maniacal hunter of classy and rare records.

The palette of his contribution to the show ranges from ambient to downtempo, passing trough dub and ethnic territories, shaping the sound influences of the „Melantónia x Fango Radio“ series with this intriguing journey.

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Pablo Diserens


Next mix for the series broadcasted from the Tuscan Fango Radio is made by the Berlin-based field recordist, composer, filmmaker, visual artist and Melantónia's collaboration partner Pablo Diserens.
Blending a rich variety of located sounds with texts, analog photographs and video, Diserens' work brings the bio- and geological features of the explored environments to the foreground. They also compose electroacoustic sound pieces by fusing and altering an array of found sounds, objects and self-made instruments. Since its foundation, Pablo takes care of all artworks of Melantónia's record releases.

Pic by Pablo Diserens.

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Osram Orchestra


Marco aka Ocram Orchestra based in Taipei has been exploring the lines between house and ambient since 2013. Together with Move D and Initials B.B., he released tracks under the name L’Amour Fou on Smallville Records from Hamburg, Germany. In 2020 his first album was released on Huinali Recordings called Music From Different Places. Ocram Orchestra loves capturing the sound of his surroundings and incorporating them into his music.



Our mix series for Fango Radio is back too in this new year. Hogeko started her career in 2017 as a DJ in Osaka, Japan. She brings a fresh, new way of delivering techno music that is innovative and mesmerizing, that will surely give any techno enthusiast an experience they will never forget. She started producing in 2018 and published her own ’’KAKUSE EP’’ at Betrieb Records. In the next breath, she published ‘’KAMIHITOE EP’’ at DREIZEHIN SCHALLPLATTEN.


    Lara Palmer

    For the last appointment of "Melantónia x Fango Radio" in 2020 we are pleased to release a recording of Lara Palmer's DJset on 4 July 2020 at Blå in Oslo. The event was one of the few that took place during the pandemic. Follow the link to read more about the event and its circumstances:…-during-the-pandemic/ Lara Palmer's sound oscillates somewhere between experimental and dreamy atmospheres, dark, hypnotic grooves, and straightforward techno. She has brought her selections to clubs in Germany and Norway, and in February 2020 she debuted at Tresor in Berlin. Lara is also a writer and resident for the Oslo-based techno music platform, community, and event series Monument.


      Emika Elena

      After her djset at Melantónia's first open air in collaboration with Rooms of Kairos in Berlin last summer, the Berlin based DJ/producer and founder of Human Lessons contributes to the project with this meditative and regenerative mix. Music has always been a huge part of Emika Elena's life, ever since she started playing piano in her family home at the age of 4, but it was the discovery of techno in her early teens that led her to become a DJ. Her trademark sound is often described as "hypnotic darkness" which intersects expressions of ambient, experimental, and techno in her mixes. She is breaking out of standards and creating a new feeling of deepness and true creativity. You can hear her authenticity carrying you to the spheres of your inner soul.


        TVS (live)

        For our October show on Fango Radio we're glad to have a special live edition from the flutist, composer and performer TVS aka Teresa Virginia Salis. TVS is a musical project born in 2018 to create an interaction between traditional instruments and electronic music, through live performances and compositions. After a classical music education, she started to work with contemporary music, interaction with electronic music, instrumental improvisation, creation of sound environments for literary readings, soundtracks and projects involving interaction between various disciplines of art. Her music combines experimental, atmospheric and synthetic sounds in a Dark Ambient sonority with touches of Deep Techno.



          cplt is a music producer, sound artist and sound designer currently based in Berlin. His works are curiosity driven investigations of the sonic world, usually between the connotations of Ambient, Drone, found sound and broken beat. He is the perfect candidate for our next Episode on Fango Radio and this will certainly not be the last collaboration between the Italian artist and the collective. Stay tuned.


          Simone Bauer

          For the August episode of the show on Fango Radio, Melantónia welcomes Simone Bauer. He is a dj and electronic music producer born in Terni, a city located in central Italy. Inspired by the landscape of Umbria, Simone transmits with his music a call to the ancient, mysticism and deep communion with Nature. Simone's sound sends us on a sweet and peaceful summer holiday.


            The Ambient Collective Berlin

            ‘The Ambient project’ is a new adventure led by young people sharing a common passion and love for Ambient music. Based in Berlin, our Collective organizes public and private events with the desire to create a new opportunity for people to gather and share their common passion for Ambient and experimental sounds. Dj and live sets from local and international artists will lead your experience, in a space thought for you to benefit as much as possible from this type of music. TACB provides us with a sequence of music mixed by Spleens Desire.


              Toshiki Shimada

              For this months episode for Fango Radio, Melantónia is pleased to present Toshiki Shimada from the Berlin based collective, Dry Agency. He chooses to play tracks which differ in style but he has consistent fashion in detail and the core - psychedelic and hypnotic sounds which are cultivated in the fertile club culture in Japan. His play focuses on creating tension and releasing energy through creating layers. In March of this year began his series of listening session at "Motif Wein" in Berlin Neukölln, dedicated to ambient music up to spacy jazz. Thank you for your nicely wide sounding Electronica selection and this excellent mix.



                Mattia Onori is a berlin-based audio engineer, sound designer for motion pictures, electronic music composer and sound artist. He is constantly searching for new ways to express himself through sound. He rejects classical music composition and even went through the study of sound engineering only to break the learned rules. From his obsession for analog gear and modular synthesis come his eclectic works as HRNR. Besides mixes of different ambient and techno nuances, he designs drony panoramas where noisy influences are poised between a natural analog sound and a cumbersome one, featuring the unique soundscapes of his experimental electronics.


                Plants Army Revolver

                Plants Army Revolver is the duo formed by Marco Ragni and Valentin Birgan. PAR's sound is a constant balance between ambient and techno music, with tribal and hypnotic features, always pursuing musical investigation, research and experimentation through the use of modular synths and drum machines.

                For the first Melantónia show on Fango Radio, they please us with a special ambient selection.

                SC: @plants-army-revolver