33Radio è il ponte di accesso liminale ai sogni più incomprensibili, perturbanti ed evocativi;
È il vuoto nella tua memoria, lo sguardo fisso di un volto dai bordi indefiniti, quella voce che giunge alle tue orecchie ma di cui non sai la fonte.
Le trasmissioni sono tutte collegate da un esile filo ma mutano forma di volta in volta, sono masse organiche dotate di antenne.
333Radio trasmette da uno spazio fuori dai bordi della realtà, vi osserviamo attraverso la vostra finestra

333Radio is the liminal access bridge to the most incomprehensible, disturbing and evocative dreams.
It is the emptiness in your memory, the fixed gaze of a face with indefinite edges, that voice that reaches your ears but of which you do not know the source.
The transmissions are all connected by a thin wire but change shape from time to time, they are organic masses equipped with antennas.
333Radio broadcasts from a space outside the edges of reality, we observe you through your window

w/ 333coconutz

333coconutz è un doppleganger, emanazione virtuale dell'artista Dalia Alva Pisoni
Il suo lavoro si genera dal desiderio compulsivo di poter esperire e creare altri mondi/narrazioni/portali che vadano a riformulare la realtà sensoriale umana -
deantropocentrizzare la natura fornendole una nuova pelle polimorfica - narrare il tragico vivere dell'antropocene.

"Ogni visione, immagine o oggetto può aprire portali per altre dimensioni, talvolta queste collidono con lo spazio in cui viviamo,
generando nuove entità e nuovi miti rigogliosi capaci di aprire infinite nuove vie percorribili.
Questi splenderanno di salvezza quando il buio che cola dall'ego della nostra specie avrà inghiottito tutto" 

333coconutz is a doppelganger, virtual and spiritual emanation of the artist Dalia Alva Pisoni
Their work is generated by the compulsive desire to be able to experience and create other worlds / narratives / portals that reformulate the human sensory reality-
deantropocentrize nature by giving it a new polymorphic skin - narrating the tragic life of the anthropocene.

"Every vision, image or object can open portals to other dimensions, sometimes these clash with the space in which we live,
generating new entities and new luxuriant myths capable of opening infinite new paths.
These will shine with salvation when the darkness that gushes from the ego of our species has swallowed everything. "


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Ep.19 - Branded Collection of Losses


It's hailing outside my window 

hailing inside my belly 

hailing through my thoughts

 and everything that comes around

comes back around, you know? 

Slashes throught the backyard

a thunderstorm, a silly joke

from the sky, above

not really the last one, you know?

What do I know?

that nothing in my head grows

a wetland of shattered mourns

a vibrant green, a trembling blow

all around the rounded earth

minuscole eyes silently glow


  1. Max B - A Really Huge Star + Dalia improvised vocals
  2. rec- Prius lover song + Rab Neba - +.⋱。_゚+.⋯𓍊.。
  3. előd - kudarc (yesmé ambient meditation remix)
  4. inferior░design - Urizen_x_dermoid cyst -- levenslicht
  5. Bjarki - Two-brainedness
  6. Viktor Kovacs - The Work Of Art In The Age Of Cultural Overproduction
  7. User2222 - Piece of Me Part of You
  8. Windowseeker - Planar + User2222 coda
  9. Vinben - sharing secrets (with p14c388_777st)
  10. Thrilliam Angels - Always Come To Me
  11. Y3r3winn3 - This is now a song about relief _)
  12. @pat_16120 - wait for meee
  13. Mahhley - dry your clothes on the line
  14. Marmint - DJ KOSOVO WEED MONEY BOSS & Ai__dubai__ - 2024.05.10. ✦
  15. Stupid Picture - rain drops upon the soft part of my head sound like a music notes
  16. Hunt - Sway (feat. ☆7571)
  17. Omeed Norouzi - the silent winter loop
  18. Ai__dubai__ - takingmydonkeyforawalk
  19. Blessed & Blushing - High on Confidence
  20. Barrett Avner & Organ Tapes - Fearless Heart
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Ep.18 - We finally feel! (or feeling too much?)


As explosive as a body can be

Being trasparent for the first time

objects and words walk trought me

as I see myself burning in pleasure and pain


  1. Dalia intro
  2. Inneinnerlife - Goodnight prom queen + If U want (333edit)
  3. Ichiro Tanimoto - New Dawn
  4. Tettix Hexer - Somnibirth (jjjacob rebirth)
  5. Ana Jikia - scintilla
  6. Treglia - Image 2_The Floor + Scintilla coda
  7. Elysia Crampton - Dreaming
  8. Lilic - Melodrama323
  9. Echo+Seashell - When a girl wants ft. Torus
  10. Malle Voss - So So Quick
  11. Soda Plains & Why Be - Smokey
  12. Chuquimamani-Condori - Until I Find You Again
  13. Mori Mori - I'm Sick
  14. Jordon Alexander - Doze On The Bullet Train
  15. navi.6 - Garden Song (broken wWwindmill edit)
  16. Vertigo Stellar - summertime friends
  17. xato - The Caretaker (feat. bod[包家巷])
  18. Iphi - You Could Mean Everything To Me
  19. bdstf - Echo's Lake
  20. Swan Palace - My Final Goodbye To You (333edit)
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Ep.17 - Leave your body sink (Live Ep)


"A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea...
Accepting of all that there is...
And can be..."

Original set recorded live in Turin on the 3rd of March, in total darkness under cozy blankets.


  1. 2003 Toyota Corolla - 2004 Toyota Corolla (333edit)
  2. AL-90 - Forefeeling
  3. 아버지 - voices
  4. Teebs - Prayers i (Pitched)
  5. Haruhisa Tanaka - Drizzle
  6. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Phosphorescence On Rowing Oars At Night
  7. nevrland - Meana
  8. 猫シ Corp. - Eden Transit
  9. Windowshopper - Kg3166
  10. Museum Of Natural History - a world full of unbelievable things
  11. Hylics OST - Piano
  12. Orchid Mantis - Time Erased
  13. Drifting Waves - Frequency 591 Hz
  14. Machinedrum - Monique
  15. Bug Bus Piano - Piano97Home
  16. Jonatan Leandoer96 - Never Again [Malibu Edit]
  17. Torus - Like The Night
  18. Walter Shoreham Norris - Whispering Swamps + Chords of Understanding
  19. Lang Shining - Xin Shenfang (original recording, 2018)
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Ep.16 - Winter Lantern


It's raining inside

it drips, crumbling the plaster

The roof collapses on itself and swallows up the empty house, dying

Now there is an immense hollow, it devours the light of the eyes, it speaks of us

That fog-world no longer speaks to us, it is dust accumulated for generations

and we stood watching the orogeny of our tomb


  1. Yabujin - Fetus
  2. Mosky Wendolin - in The red light, with my nettle
  3. Gos - ps(h)y (arawra˚vidrio˚my˚nettle˚gos)
  4. 203249318_09132005 - ☼ e+e ⨥ MeProduced ∔ PhStProduced◌⃕ Blend
  5. Swoopy - let go
  6. With3r - Mistell
  7. 5 - I'm Different (Two Chains)
  8. Computer doctor—Sound eating girl_Regular girl_Erode 「Continuous mix single version」
  9. Lor2mg - Wormeater
  10. Elusin - Elskling (333edit)
  11. dirtr4t - Don't Panic
  12. Lilien Rosarian - moss hugs all walls
  13. Isabel's Dream - Trinity Square
  14. Casshern Sins Episode 5 1836 - something, with molly S walker
  15. Vegyn, Danny L Harle - Britnaeys new baby [125 BPM]
  16. luv exposure - green to forget green to remember green to never knew
  17. Shecold - Down Bra _ made on the Rapchat app (prod. by p4lmi)
  18. Stupid Picture - Our Fisrt Holding Hands
  19. ANDREW GOES TO HELL - on the top of thw world
  20. 868 - just Fourme slowburn10.28.21 (333edit)
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Ep.15 - Partial eclipse over a naked Chrysalis


Cleanse me

persuade the darkness, its touch

crumbles this threshold

A thin membrane rumbles 

at the tickling of the fingers


The walls that enclose my cry, I let them crack

they do not fall, indeed

I give you up now

this bare body, as a sign of surrender

That your love can shape me 

in every way you'll want


  1. Fafa - Shopping centre christmas
  2. HAJJ - Life as a Death Ritual
  3. Æthereal Arthropod, Jónó Mí Ló, bod [包家巷], Seraphim - Forceter
  4. Estoc - Safe in Grief (YOUNG THUG X ANGE HALLIWELL & KHAUS)
  5. Apu Nanu - My Clockwork Toy
  6. Fuck You - im so into you...
  8. Juliek Ploski - yes oh my god
  9. Monker178 - Hysteric (I Must Be Dreaming Remix)
  10. Leop4rdi - Focus!
  11. Minoyimn ��盟 Mosky wendolin ~ Harvest Song Pt1 � Bountiful �And the yield doth feed us
  12. Noumeno - klosure (333edit)
  13. Cloudy - Too little too late
  14. Torus - anything your heart desires
  15. Anu - Memories
  16. Fear of - Porcelain
  17. Yung Grundleheim - Backstabber 𓇻 ☘ + Shaman Fight Club - dont just
  18. 203249318 - I want in
  19. Young Jesus - Father Son (333edit)
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Ep.14 Standing upside down I can still see the sun


A hush of air spinned me
On the wrong point of the arrow
I'm now (still breathing)
30 metres below the dirt
Standing upside down
I can still see the sun
From the opposite direction
I'm now (two bodies)
One that pumps and bleeds
One of soil and seeds
A miracle I can still say I'm living

My engine works burning itself
How Many days to the end?


  1. Ana Jikia - giant
  2. James K + Josiah Steinbrick - Pretty Song Moonglow (333edit)
  3. HP: 925 MP: 463 - Fast Life
  4. Space Afrika - Solemn
  5. YL Hooi - Straight Thru
  6. Rick Ashley - pray that I die b4 my baby
  7. Delroy Edwards - H.A.T.B.
  8. James Ferraro - Security Broker
  9. Vanessa Amara - All I wanna do is just to be happy
  10. draag me - Passing Thru
  11. Yellow Eyes - Warm Lake Under a Lifeless Sky
  12. Outside Source - Omni + Yellow Eyes coda
  13. Huerco S.- Chun-Kee Player + Outside Source coda + Dialect - Teams
  14. 7038634357 - Square Heart
  15. Tara Clerkin Trio - Night Steps
  16. Gobby - The Dishwasher (Dean Blunt Remix)
  17. Ssaliva - Cherry Stems
  18. To Be Gentle - I Love You, Nikko (333edit)
  19. Vanessa Amara - Pescado
  20. Cylob - Calling
  21. Dylan Henner - With Her First Ever Steps She Walked To Me and She Was So Happy
  22. Overlapping Whispers
  23. Lee Gamble - Empty Middle Seat
  24. Moloch - Die Stille in mir (333coconutz Remix)
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nikitaw0lfe x 333Radio - setmefr333.wav


setmefr333nasce in continuità con la precedente collaborazione sull'album di nikitaw0lfe "BLODDRAYNE", di cui la curatrice di 333radio 333coconutz ha realizzato la copertina

nikitaw0lfe (in precedenza TRXSPVSSXR) è una producer, cantautrice e DJ classe 1996 nata a Roma e attualmente con base a Milano.
Inizia il suo percorso musicale nel 2017 rilasciando una serie di singoli, EP e un mixtape su Soundcloud e Bandcamp, muovendosi fra generi come hip-hop strumentale, cloud, phonk e witch-house. Nello stesso periodo si occupa occasionalmente di beat-making per alcuni artisti della scena Soundcloud italiana.
Nel corso del 2020 comincia la sua esperienza come DJ suonando in una serie di free party organizzati nel biennio 2020-2021.
Nel dicembre del 2022 rilascia ‘4EVA’, EP collaborativo con BPTSM, già anticipato dai singoli ‘find me’ e ‘estradiolo junkie’, prime release in cui incorpora la propria voce.
A fine giugno 2023 pubblica ‘BLOODRAYNE’, mixtape composto da 9 pezzi, già anticipato dal singolo ‘tesla’.
Insieme a BPTSM, Joa of Arc e n3tlog ha fondato il collettivo, netlabel e serie di eventi SPITE.

setmefr333 is born in continuity with past collaboration on nikitaw0lfe's album "BLOODRAYNE" of wich 333radio's curator 333coconutz realized the cover art.

nikitaw0lfe (previously TRXSPVSSXR) is a producer, singer-songwriter and DJ born in 1996 in Rome and currently based in Milan.
She began her musical journey in 2017 by releasing a series of singles, EPs and a mixtape on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, moving between genres such as instrumental hip-hop, cloud, phonk and witch-house. In the same period she occasionally deals with beat-making for some artists on the Italian Soundcloud scene.
During 2020 she begins her experience as a DJ by playing in a series of free parties organized in the two-year period 2020-2021.
In December 2022 she released '4EVA', a collaborative EP with BPTSM, already anticipated by the singles 'find me' and 'estradiolo junkie', the first releases in which she incorporated her own voice.
At the end of June 2023 she released 'BLOODRAYNE', a mixtape consisting of 9 pieces, already anticipated by the single 'tesla'.
Together with BPTSM, Joa of Arc and n3tlog, founded the collective, netlabel and event series SPITE.


  1. kojo - guide (ft. senses)
  2. nosgov - spastic 2012
  3. cartierGOD - love is drugs
  4. yabujin - HARDSTYLE DRILL 2009 NOKIA ANGELZ مسدسات مجمدة 1.6
  5. christ dillinger - tired (ft. lucki & joeyy)
  6. hi-c - ViewtifulJoe
  7. jugnino - no way
  8. sickboyrari - nite walker
  9. wicca phase wings eternal - hardcore
  10. lil aaron - vans untied
  11. lil uzi vert - just wanna rock
  12. suavi gualla - glam (ft. cartierGOD)
  13. ice spice - in ha mood (Kmado Sunlight Club Remix)
  14. nosgov - pierce through my skin run through my skin
  15. prince - alpha blu centauri
  16. punkinlovee - vampire diaries (ft. h3artcrush)
  17. oaf1 - think abt it (ft. ppgcasper)
  18. lil peep & lil tracy - walk away as the door slams (DJ ESTRANGED EDIT)
  19. snow strippers - under your spell
  20. charli xcx - set me free (VVITCH Remix)
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Ep.13 Rise of the Dead Star Wraiths Party (Friday 13th special Episode)


On this wicked day our spirits dance at the foot of the dead star.
Everything we recall recoil back to the beginning, when our corpses where under the surface and our feet faced the nightsky.
Happy Halloween xoxo


  1. Drumloop - Splinter-Nadir snow
  2. Dj Rozwell - SOUNDS FROM HELL
  3. 333coconutz - Nether Melody 5
  5. Rabit - Bad Dreams
  6. ??? - Purulent
  8. Akira Yamaoka - Blank Fairy (Album Version) + TRIKZ coda
  9. Sematary - Skinwalker [OG version]
  10. Bigdog30k, Spira Me - Psycho Murder
  11. Wagner Ödegård - Ragnahljóð
  12. Nurse - Vampires Watch Over The Tower
  13. 333coconutz - Nether Melody 9
  14. Venetian Snares & Speedranch - Unborn Baby
  15. Esochtrilium - Xuiotg
  16. Unborn Baby reprise
  17. Otto Von Schirach - Satanic Unicorn Orgy
  18. Golden Living Room - Only a Middle Eastern Song
  19. Yabujin - DUSHUGiiDA
  20. moreru - 夕暮れに伝えて (Slowed & Drunged)
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Ep.12 CornerWorld Sonatas


I dream to be thin as paper
To slide throught, not to be seen
To not occupy space, not in length or wideness
I dream to be dark and dismiss my body into the corner of a room
I wish for u not to stare, or even remotely to catch a glimpse
I'm not here
I won't be here
Nor I was here in the first place

Oh I wish, I wish to shrink immediately when there's a crowd, when I move my arms or legs
When I walk, silence
When I talk, deafness

I dream to be the blindspot of every eye
So I'll be free and avoidable


  1. Coil - Manunkind
  2. luv exposure - stupid flute 2
  3. I Am so High - Nice!!!
  4. bod [包家巷] - she likes my music
  5. Gos - º𝓂𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝓂𝓎 𝓑𝓔𝒟 vs 𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒 ˜
  6. Gooooose - Burning Smartphones at a Sunset Desert
  7. Arca x Salem - Unstoppable
  8. Locust - Clouds at my feet
  9. grandptak - barely existing
  10. 203249318_09132005 - activity ⦔⦓ Mt. sorry
  11. Secret Frequency Crew - Aqua
  12. Aqua coda + Bliss3Three - 4D8K_GUARDEDTRIPZ (333edit)
  13. 4D8K_GUARDEDTRIPZ coda + Luc Jardie + D1V & WITH3R (333edit)
  14. My nettle - You, me & My nettle
  15. salt_server - GARGOYLES OUTRO
  16. Gemstone2k 最も不幸な宝石 - 加藤48_ ိ့ိ့ ိ့ ိ့ _ ㅤ#elfaction #s&r
  17. Vio Lino - Pop song for a prayer
  18. uchₛcreen - After all these things I've done...
  19. Ship Sket - Spike The Milkman
  20. I held those spikes and they turned to Rot (Ship Sket + Dj bingo + Whod)(333edit)
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Ep.11 We close our eyes in the morning


We wake up every day
We close our eyes in the morning
We walk with these legs that tremble
In search for the moonlight
In contrast to the shadows
We do not see anything


  1. 4D8K_GUARDEDTRIPZ - tout va bien tout va bien (x2) - Edit
  2. Alexander Brown 2001 - Bamboo Eater
  3. Bull of Heaven - A Mark Like A Square
  4. 868 - Frank Ocean Slowburn 88bpm
  5. dj bingo ☉ ‿ ⚆ - Earth Song
  6. Malibu - Heaven (Cover) (Unreleased from Rinse FM set)
  8. Kaho Matsui - four (adore)
  9. Jun Konagaya - Deep
  10. Eera- Would You Remember Me If Tomorrow I Was Gone
  11. Snailhorse - Jesters Evergreen Castle
  12. e6c41 Iva Peralta - Sun Fade
  13. Haustus - The Story of Torpor
  14. Minoyimn - Sons on a Quest for a Wonderful Remedy for Their Father
  15. Rogergoon & Camille Keller - Am I Right_
  16. L.ᥴᵢₑ - specific plan&intent
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Beta96 x 333Radio - Leaking Battery Cell


The battery cell is leaking
And I don’t hear the music anymore
There’s a noise coming from far away
Echoing in my mind
Well it’s about time
Time you made up your mind
Feel the slowing of time
With your feet on the ground
Dance to the memory of the now


  2. Lapalux - Voltaic Acid
  3. Yves De May - Bleak Comfort
  4. Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch - Transmission 1
  5. 33EMYBW - Popop
  6. Gazelle Twin - Belly of the Beast
  7. Gooooose - Arp Kicks
  8. E-Saggila - Stars Dying In Succession
  9. Sassy 009 - Summin’ You Up
  10. S280F & Echavox - 011668 / S280F / SIX - 6666668881.. 0 1. heaven help us_ 80000 squeals of dying pigs . exe [crack]
  11. Yoshinori Sunahara - Natural
  12. Basic Rhythm - Edge of Darkness
  13. Hiro Kone - A Desire, Nameless
  14. Rob Clouth - The Vacuum State - Beta96 Edit
  15. Ryuichi Sakamoto - stakra
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Ep.10 Myriad of wretched dreamscapes


In this myriad of wretched dreamscapes
you are a shining rainbow
Everywhere you go
I will follow
My legs, spinning wheels
Running towards you
I'm burning, I reflect colours
The locomotive is far gone by now
I'll wait for the next one


  1. The Dead Texan - When I See Scissors I Can't Help But Think of You
  2. 7038634357 - Perfect Night
  3. Feralbats - ������ ��� ���� (organ tapes cover)
  4. Stupid Pictures - backpack
  5. Nova Era - i gave u the key when the door wasnt open (333edit)
  6. Casino Versus japan - Trad Velecido
  7. Joanna7459 - Worth It
  8. Blessed and Blushing - Tea in Bed
  9. meat computer - days slipping by
  10. Boolean - It's only The Last
  11. Tek Lintowe - Look
  12. Wish - wish raining in my room
  13. rab neba - To Theodore Of Mopsueti
  14. user-788567091 - �cadbp7nczpi6
  15. Ulla - scrubby
  16. ANIMA - i cant wait to have to wake up to a new day
  17. Minoymn - Tether
  18. SportDj - Invisible Words (+zhaan)
  19. Deer Park - And By The Way Make Sure That We Don�t Create More Burning Need Than We Can Get Away With
  20. Casino Versus Japan - Miano Little Miss 1565
  21. Failure Before God - the fourth ventricle
  22. L.ᥴᵢₑ 2 - chlorine demo
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Ep.9 Slithering Omens & Silly Solstices


theory and practice on how to become a pandimensional being with fish scales and a lion's head,
or more simply how to become what you really are,
a goofball.


  1. 4D:8K_GUARDEDTRIPZ - é un (333edit)
  3. Hex Key Fantasy - 2014
  4. Murrettumeri - trance369
  5. Mikey Enwright - Die On The Dancefloor (Rival Consoles L Devine Mashup by Quit Life)
  6. paltamango - Ver Tu Vuelo me da Calma
  7. brand new - Thi_s_Ca_ll _Is-A_Mistake
  8. Tek Lintowe - 100 FRSTYLE FT DREAM CASTER
  9. Pharmacist - damned
  10. Phil Haus PANSXL
  11. 𝑆𝑡𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑎 𝐹𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑢𝑛𝑎 - Rosalyne (Cendren)
  12. carlos flores - (_^�^_)evil song(_^�^_)
  13. jr__bst - head of heaven
  14. Lorenzi - Infatuated Love
  15. DJ UGLUK 1992 - La Bachata Ambien
  16. Gos - gos Contuinity ᵐᶦ��ᶦmix23(same trajectory shifted focus)Best method for the worst resultpersists!
  17. secretrare - safety_edit1
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333radio x Palazzo Bronzo - Nether Melodies


Musical accompaniment for the glorification of poor images,
Tunes for scrolling, blocking accounts, acquiring VPN power, blowing up government servers
Sniff sniff, you're a dirty nosy hound, just follow the trail of data
down, down the rabbit hole


  1. Roedelius - Goldregen
  2. Tumy - Primal Screamer (333edit)
  3. Ann Annie - memoir
  4. Susumu Yokota - Long Long Silk Bridge (Drunged)
  5. User2222 - Open Your Eyes
  6. Naran Ratan - Forever Journeys II
  7. 333coconutz - Nether Melody 1
  8. Ruined x Pfl - 1Anahata
  9. Ivy Knight - Gun (333edit)
  10. Sadesper records - DOWNLOAD (Drunged)
  11. wait wait wait wait waitwait wait wait wait wait - down
  12. Windows96 - Dream Port
  13. Stupid Picture - pleading (143bpm)
  14. Akuma Kira - Horton Hears A Ghost In the Horton Mine
  15. Michiru Oshima - Shadow (Original Mix)
  16. Minoyimn - The Illusion of the Mill-Pond 𒑰 Featuring Plastic Pet
  17. Levan Shanidze - Little Head
  18. ◯→◯ - pale flesh washed in healing springs
  19. Bodgan Raczysni - MyLoveLove 1
  20. Vaevaf - Ok
  21. Grrid - Theremin Charm
  22. 0comeups - open armz
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Live Ep.- Lullubies for a Dreaming Star's Offspring


Mixed Live on the 18th of february at Docks Dora (Turin)
This mix is born from the gathering of multiple weirdcore lullabies, playful sounds, kidcore - almost videogamish - musical acts harvested during the last months.
This is dedicated to the inner child inside everyone of us, so often malnourished and easily forgotten. This is not a nostalgic manifesto, but a way to reconnect and create continuity with what's left of them youthful spirits crashed by the burden of adult life.


  1. 333bonfire intro
  2. 500 & emotegi - March Of Bucentaure
  3. 868 - A Silent Heart Ticking Under the Ground
  4. Parl Dro - He enveloped her in a hug (silly live voice)
  5. bp iv - sarracenia
  6. Dawn DX - Lucky Star
  8. fall river music project - our mutual appreciation
  9. Bl333d - GlobataryMiix1
  10. Bah Bu Rah - Where do dead souls die_
  11. Dj Toybox - World Tour
  12. dj9gag - Embryo୨୧���˚++ ft Plaჽፖic Peኘ�
  13. grrid - {{power ambient}} juventa-hyperforms-web EDIT
  14. Cedric Madden - Bittersweet
  15. hayden kolb - pilgrim
  16. ₑ₂̑ᏈↂͩᏈ₂̑ₑ - oijfojopsdofpporeporepoporpoer Folk
  17. hayden kolb - stars over me
  18. Inferior Design & Lambert - Tombola 37 + L.ᥴᵢₑ - Peppermint Shade
  19. 3castles - stop the world
  20. sketch doll-sketch of my lover 5 - Wooden Doll w A Leafe
  21. sentinel - thimble
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Ep.8 music for the World's End Riverfall Facility


Hello End World Riverfall facility,
as you well know here we generate electricity thanks to the river of souls that flows below us. Sometimes some of you try to follow those souls and end up losing your lives. Is this for melancholy? a sense of belonging? Or maybe you just lost hope in the goal of the facility? Here we take our work and our employees very seriously. These deaths must cease, otherwise the plant will cease to function and the light in the sky will shine no more.
For this, a very special music will be played from the speakers that will feed your hearts and increase your dopamine production.
We wish you a happy production facility workers, we believe in you.
Sincerely yours, World's End Riverfall Facility Management

Hello workers! If you still feel sad after this soothing musical bath, we strongly advise you to go the World's End Riverfall Nursery.
The gentle doctors of the nursery will take care of you with kindness and respect.
Have a nice day workers! enjoy your job! enjoy your life at the World's End Riverfall Facility!


  1. Welcome to World's End Riverfall Facility
  2. bod [包家巷] - music for moderate routines
  3. Della Orray - Growing Light + Glint - eaten[08_26_21] + Elysia Crampton (E+E) - Sword
  4. t0ni - trust goes both ways
  5. xmyri - bodystasis_(euthym_ia--)
  6. DJH - Void Kiss Me Back
  7. 𝔗ℜ𝔈𝔊𝔏ℑ𝔄 - Some Distant Something (333edit)
  8. Fungal Mat 🍂 - Video Games but youre playing harp and a bird is on lead vocal
  9. Yikii - Sweet Gem Berry Farm �石�莓��
  10. bod [包家巷] - music for finding other music
  11. Gibby (-Dj) - reeel
  12. Kaino Kim Vieno - Sörnäinen
  13. dumpster boyfriend - stop being emotional its fine okay
  14. Ean - Blade of Grass (Descension)
  15. IAA - Boy Dove
  16. Have a nice day workers!
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Ep.7 the Moonmouth folktale or the rabbit cult


Interwoven stories of the valiant rodents that fought for the last moonshine and the mouth that spoke for them
against the odds. Oblivious eyes came from the ominous sky, hungry for sight. The sharp spikes of the rodents maces blinded them for good.
Folki ballads were sang in their honor, feet stomped the ground - dancing, the soil - compacted, the world - terraformed.

Original photo and rabbit drawing by Gio Pastore


  1. Pablo Altar - Rushes
  2. DJH - Eligy for the Crimson Cross
  3. Rogergoon & Camille Keller - phone number
  4. 7038634357 - Lay Low, First Strike
  5. TRYCE, bod [包家巷] - hex 2.2 (shadow of a dying luna)
  6. Bull of Heaven - The Remainder
  7. Aggromance - NO ME CONOCEN edit
  8. Sprælle - plumesud
  9. BLOODZ BOI 血男孩 - Darling, You Don't Need to Translate Your Heart All the Time + spira me
  10. In Tongues - Prelude + Unbound (333edit)
  11. Kurama - Tiny Steps (felt cute might delete soon...)
  12. Helica + Mimics Gate - the surgeon
  13. Bull of Heaven - the moss of the earth
  14. Honour - M3 (TWENTY GODS)
  15. Rabit - Ontological Graffiti (pitched)
  16. Felix Lee - so loud
  17. Oxhy - mercy sidha_alice song (excerpt) ft. Vanessa Bedoret
  18. Joanna7459 - Zero
  19. AI singing fr fr wish u all a happy new year
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Ep.6 Take some rest, one more time, in the Afterlife


Take some rest, One more time, in the afterlife
U really need It, look at your heavy heavy eyes, U r freezing, and its dark outside.
Come here, we can cuddle togheter and let the material world disappear for some time


  1. Malibu - forever is a long time when youve lost your way (333edit)
  2. father Murphy - In their graves (first party)
  3. Ayya - Seond Mistake x Father Murphy - In their graves (second part)
  4. Jonatan Leandoer96 - Dog to your bone
  5. Rabit - IX(Regret)
  6. Viancy's Attic - Sleep Patterns
  7. Elojatek - 427 72 Contribution
  8. Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore - Painter of Tygers (333edit)
  9. Lifelover - Nasta gryning
  10. 7038634357 - No Hate Is A Cold Star
  11. 3Lurker of Chalice - Fastened to the Five Points
  12. Oxhy - No Holding Back
  13. Ssaliva - Petals
  14. Onq - Tar
  15. James Ferraro - Orphan Angel
  16. The Fertile Crescent - Take Care
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Ep.5 coiled, boiled, buried and unearthed


thats my corpse
4 u 2 see
under the sun, its energy boils
all of my guts are drying
there's no blood left 2 drink
but please, keep me company,
I will gladly appreciate it
u r my best friend
or not? u r my enemy
in both cases u need 2 die
with me
the end? it's not the end
it's just..what can we say
another mean, or way
2 reach the divine
and we r divine, r we?


  1. 00:00 o1o001o1o001o1o - and every time i try to fly i fall without my wings
  2. x
  3. Belmont girl - Skin Deep
  4. 05:05 ayazra - საშინელი
  5. 06:32 Elysia Crampton - FIRE GUT (original version) [2013]
  6. 10:20 Claire Rousay - a kind of promise
  7. 12:56 jackzebra - 将军(prod. kxngrada & kaiser & chxrlito) + malayika
  8. 15:06 444jet - sonder
  9. 15:58 CursedWeb - KINOTROPE
  10. 18:42 Limp Pumpo - Yy4i Yyyh-H4hhhyhy BRAMPTON iYih4hy
  11. 21:38 Sematary - Toy Barn (Lowercase)
  12. 25:01 Hav Life - she started off bashful
  13. 27:24 James Ferraro - Nemesis
  14. 28:42 Diamond Black Hearted Boy - Tomorrow Is Not Promised [E+E Berserk Blend]
  15. 32:15 sadsackjoe - lil bear
  16. 32:56 PENDA - Dragged Antenociticus
  17. 41:09 pink color - rainy day
  18. 43:40 ehh hahah - bycie samemu
  19. 48:08 ligonis85 - круг мухомор
  20. 50:30 Bloodz Boi, Claire Rousay, More Eaze - 打火机
  21. 52:55 Avril23 - what's good
  22. 54:45 ANIMA - PAIN OLYMPIX
  23. 57:39 undo despot - bayraktar
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Ep.4 Flushing healing sounds for a faded memory


The grip of memory surrounds you with many arms, a mourning that continues over time.
At times it becomes almost pleasant, crying until you are emptied of all emotion.
And do you still remember? The hot flashes that hit you every time you think about it?
But what are you really thinking about?


  1. SHUKO - Low ☆゚Tide
  2. Dream caster - God said i was good Prod Motociti Thankuant
  3. x
  5. x
  6. Marlon Dubois - Ⓛaundry w Nosg𝓞v ⅋ H𝓔nry Mosto [P. 𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒾𝓃𝓁𝑒𝒾𝒷 ųʂɛཞ ꫝ ɖ ]
  7. Florist - Instrumental 3
  8. Tristan & Yearling - Voicen
  9. HAJJ - Drag Me Into The Void
  10. Sibil Roosvelt - Live Reaction ft childsoldier
  11. Syntrovert - Cercanías
  12. Monker178 - Rose Column, Floral Mansion (Anderson Teixeira Drummed)
  13. Bogdan Raczynski - Thinking Of You Thinking Of Me
  14. Duskdriven - My One Burning Desire
  15. Bobby Swan - Dirt Sign
  16. Running - Green Jester
  17. 7038634357 -Rose
  18. Teeth - Tag
  19. The Body Dump - Valyouable
  20. Yem Gel - Enchanted Moura
  21. ssaliva x julietta ferrari - Moan
  22. Casey MQ - apricity
  23. Alexi Baris x Eera - On sequins Greendayx (333edit)
  24. 𝔇𝔍 6YRథ్‌٣٣A ЗАО - Crying Gargoylz
  25. Ssaliva - Blood
  26. Lil Ugly Mane - low tide at the dryin' out facility (333edit)
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Ep.3 Milk-Teeth Ultras


When the milk teeth fall out, the foxes come to pick them up and make beautiful necklaces out of them.
When the soldiers get jealous of their necklaces they start shooting and blood spills everywhere.
Anger makes them grit their teeth until they fall out and only then, the real fight begin.
Bloody teeth fall on the ground and there is no one there to pick them up, now that everybody is dead it's ti me to go to bed


  1. Sysadmin - Impossible Piano (333edit)
  2. 7038634357 - Daybreak (Background)
  3. HP_ 925 MP_ 463 - Rare Bird
  4. (333BLEND)
  6. Dida - March
  7. Exmantera - HEALIX (ft. Allison Beta & Heatace)
  8. Detente - In Dreams
  9. Ludwing Wandinger - In (333edit)
  10. Deirde - Circles
  11. Nevrland - Barely real
  12. Contacto - Half-There Hypnagogy
  13. Nokuit - Hell Melody
  14. Beatrix Weapons - Unknown Territory
  15. John T Gast - Celtfunk
  16. Hunt - The same moon
  17. Anima - EverSo [Wheat field loop]
  18. Salem - Oftetimes (333edit)
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Ep.2 One last midnight kiss on the beach before the summer curse takes us


an audiolog about abyssal love, beaching, sea hexes, new found hope in death and decay.
When sun hits you hard, hide in the safety of the moonlight


  1. 868 - not until I get that
  2. Chaos Angel - magisches lied
  3. Chickenmilk Dot Com - Shine A Light Through An Open Door
  4. Mismic Gate - passingtime
  5. Para - Treeline
  6. ddertbag - Oceans Breeze
  7. Ryong + Eva Tird - Sirens
  8. Silverb4ne - Windows
  9. DJ GÄP - La Monte Neil Young Thug (Edit)
  10. Dj Bingo - Just Look At The Stars For Answers
  11. Epiphagi - Mossweaving
  12. jjjacob & Silkback - Bonum Nocte
  13. Joanna7459 - Cherubfields
  14. Effective Power - B4
  15. Dj Fearful - Sun Block
  16. Gem Flesh - I Almost Cried As I Saw Them Go (333coconutz edit)
  17. Rubie - Sitting in the airport while my memory fails
  18. Joanna7459 - Waltz After A Long Time!!
  19. Torus - Omnia
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Ep.1 I wish you never met me


Tell you how it goes back
I want to show you that
Wish I just could go back
When we would sleep in grass
Wish you never met me
I can't sleep at night
Remember you last summer
I thought it would never end
You will never end
You will never end
You never end


  1. Dj Bingo - The Song of My First Love
  2. Ssaliva - Blue Moon
  3. Hugo Calcio - Sacred Howls (Mizuha 罔象)
  4. rei harakami - nijizou (Casper Mcfadden flip)
  5. MICHAELBRAILEY - dead space
  6. Ruby - Planisphere (Afterhours in Montreal Blend)
  7. SIRENS - nothing is forever
  8. Grasps_ - Awake Blessed
  9. s591 sacred city center - cakemp3 (just a dream)
  10. benyosei - meu corpo
  11. Dane Law - Summer's End (Lift Me Up)
  12. Dj Clope - Ligar
  13. Piano Princess - Throw Some Umbrellas Operator
  14. Knifebody - it's heeaven to walk with you
  15. Chief Keef - round & round (Munix edit)
  16. Alex G - Bad Man [020mix]
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Ep.0 Meaningless Void (You're sleeping in a floating house)


Hai appena varcato la soglia. Il tuo cuore batte forte. Fuori dalla finestra si dipana un vasto cielo senza confini, più vicino i bordi di un'isola. La fioca luce della stanza in cui ti trovi ti fa socchiudere gli occhi. Nella lontananza dal mondo esterno è possibile trovare il conforto necessario ad andare avanti

You just walked through. Your heart is beating fast. Outside the window unfolds a vast boundless sky, closer to the edges of an island. The dim light of the room you are in makes you squint. In the distance from the outside world it is possible to find the necessary comfort to move forward


  1. 500 - Innocence can be held
  2. Tumy - They wanna see me dead cause of My H0p5
  3. @pat_16120 - heal garden
  4. iphi - offspring
  5. Doechii Crazy Xtend Paparazzi Blastula Tde Luv Mx Aka How It B When U Lrn Ur Hplgrp C (UNSLMX011)
  6. Sineraw - JU&M
  7. Feastering stairwell broken apartment ghost hyperventilation ecchoes
  8. boysinblush - iddntmeanttodothis
  9. monker178 - Bamboo Dj Tool
  10. Lorenzi - You Would Have Saved Me
  11. Angelphase & Dj Shenandoah National Park - They will throwus to the wolves
  12. Lucky Wings - 41422 1111 PM
  13. Webcam2 - Bad Ppl with Aidan swank
  14. Interlude + 01
  15. bdtsf - Last Friday Night
  16. Annie - Gates Of Plastic
  17. enDen - losing my grip on the sky
  18. Kenta204 - Bless (fallen angel)