Of Wolves


Of Wolves

Of Wolves is the brand new transmission curated by Sheeba Exp. exploring the ecstatic, contemplative and abysmal sides of contemporary electronic music. The program aims at perforating the space in between ethereality and disorder, in a continuous oscillation between a profound dreamlike tension and emotional disturbances.

w/ Sheeba Exp.


Sheeba Exp. is the solo project from Matteo Trevisan, electronic artist involved in CONGEDO, Deep Lead-Coloured Cloud and Brace Grimm. He is also co-founder of the electronic and experimental music festival Bologna Elettrica.
As Sheeba Exp., Trevisan published Walden Sessions (Spettro Records), a dark ambient movement drawing inspiration from the experimental poetry of Andrea Zanzotto. Thereafter, he plunged into an A/V performance along with his close collaborator Taleo, embarking on a cross media-archeotech exploration about errors, glitches and malfunctions. Besides, he architected a sound performance at the Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade with the Finnish artist Joonas Parviainen (DJ USVA, Noosa, DFK5).
More recently, Trevisan made his comeback with Urals, an ecstatic three-acts power ambient exploration of the most isolated territories of the artist's emotional landscape, released in 2021 via Timeless Records and Svbterrean Tapes.


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Of Wolves Ep. 1



  1. Furtherset - Auras
  2. Marina Herlop - abans abans
  3. Nziria - Amam Ancora
  4. Soft as Snow - Bit Riot
  5. Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge
  6. TSVI & Loraine James - Trust
  7. TSVI & Loraine James - Observe
  8. Walton - Working Title
  9. Furtherset - Coda
  10. Haron - Caverne
  11. Haron - Maangerij
  12. Constantine Skourlis - Collapse