Funky Dialogues


Funky Dialogues

Funky Dialogues transports listeners to a groovy pre-party, bringing a global set of soul, funk, and disco from the 70's til this day that'll get the listeners moving and spirits cruising. In between the grooving and smooth vibes it’s also about conversations that matter or possibly don’t matter at all, diving into modern text message philosophy and introspections, all while sharing clever, silly and insightful conversations

w/ dadddyslayer02



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life be happening


For real tho, this episode, it's a little bit all over the place, but that represents me and life pretty well. Funky sounds across eras and continents, but also me telling goofy stories and being extra hottttttt

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Not just winging it anymore


Hey hey heyyyyy so today's episode is an interesting one, a little different, still funky, but more like the favela/baile/brazilian type of funk with a twist. And of course the grooves are laid upon you by the super amazing and hot host.

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Winging it even harder this time


This week's fun funkytimes again with the super hot host obviously. Playing really a global mix of groovy songs and getting super real about life recently through goofy conversations. PEACE

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Winging It


Today's episode is a cute global mix of danceable funk and disco, flavored with small goofy stories in between. Nothing too serious, just fun and a super hot host.


  1. 1. Ain't No Stopping Us Now - Risco Connection
  2. 2. Disco Dancer - Kiki Gyan
  3. 3. Adome Nyueto (Bosq Edit) - Yta Jourias
  4. 4. Esperar Pra Ver - Evinha
  6. 6. Just An Illusion - Imagination
  7. 7. Questo Amore E' Un Motore - Pino D'Angio
  8. 8. Brothers On The Side - Cymande
  9. 9. Hold Tight - Change
  10. 10. I Want Your Love - Chic
  11. 11. The Soul Investigators Theme - The Soul Investigators
  12. 12. If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is) - Nicole Willis, The Soul Investigators