Greed For Life


Greed For Life

Terminata la guarigione, lo spirito avanza e conquista il proprio spazio negato.

Una pulsione alla vita ora muove le fila del sistema corpo-mente e non desidera che il riempimento di questa con ogni esperienza possibile, ogni cosa che riscalda il cuore e crea connessioni fra tutto ciò che si muove e fa fiorire desideri a propria volta.

Un'immensa rete di visioni ed esperienze si apre così come ponte verso il riempimento emozionale dell'esistenza.

w/ 333coconutz

333coconutz è un doppleganger, emanazione virtuale dell'artista Dalia Alva Pisoni
Il suo lavoro si genera dal desiderio compulsivo di poter esperire e creare altri mondi/narrazioni/portali che vadano a riformulare la realtà sensoriale umana -
deantropocentrizzare la natura fornendole una nuova pelle polimorfica - narrare il tragico vivere dell'antropocene.

"Ogni visione, immagine o oggetto può aprire portali per altre dimensioni, talvolta queste collidono con lo spazio in cui viviamo,
generando nuove entità e nuovi miti rigogliosi capaci di aprire infinite nuove vie percorribili.
Questi splenderanno di salvezza quando il buio che cola dall'ego della nostra specie avrà inghiottito tutto" 

333coconutz is a doppelganger, virtual and spiritual emanation of the artist Dalia Alva Pisoni
Their work is generated by the compulsive desire to be able to experience and create other worlds / narratives / portals that reformulate the human sensory reality-
deantropocentrize nature by giving it a new polymorphic skin - narrating the tragic life of the anthropocene.

"Every vision, image or object can open portals to other dimensions, sometimes these clash with the space in which we live,
generating new entities and new luxuriant myths capable of opening infinite new paths.
These will shine with salvation when the darkness that gushes from the ego of our species has swallowed everything. "


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Ep. 10 - Flowers sprawl all over my dead body



Ep.11 - Wounds of the old world

With these wounds

I open a gateway to the world that has swallowed me

all images return to the nexus

Four young figures dance and swarm

to reverse the ritual engendered by desire

The bitter discovery is that parasites have always been there

nothing is truly reversible

The world fulfills itself and its eyes do not look at us

it has no eyes

but only wounds


Ep. 10 - Flowers sprawl all over my dead body

Flowers grow all over my body

Flowers grow all over my body

I wish to be a garden

you can do whatever you want with my carrion

Spread me everywhere

I wish to be a garden

Flowers grow all over my body

Flowers grow all over my body

Sprawl sprawl sprawl sprawl sprawl


Ep. 9 - Our is now an unsuitable ecosystem

After regaining my shape, the contact is interrupted and I find myself in a sunny space, full of rustling, subtle whistles that cut the wind, small animals leap towards me. They have a tapered head with a thin trunk, a body similar to a seal, two rows of three fins each on the sides of the belly, their black and shiny skin reflects very well what-seems-to-be-the-sky, their neck contracts spasmodically in search of oxygen. Once they get next to me they let themselves die. Their little bodies begin to decompose rapidly and dissolve in the earth, sand and rocks. As I try to grab one before it dies I notice my skin trying to merge with it, the same happens with the surrounding ground and air. The stability of a form is such only if you have the desire to keep it, and I, who seek so much to get in touch with what surrounds me, can only melt away.

Parts of me detach with every movement I make and a light emanates from them, it seems similar to the insect I met in the interface room; I think I am becoming something that belongs indissolubly to the Plan, I think about how difficult it will be to go back or if only the desire to return touches me now that I finally exist in the space I desire.

Thoughts crowd as I perceive the world.

I'm on a beach! Here that heat takes on a meaning, the watery lucidity of those little animals, the sounds, the cuts that the grains of sand leave on my viscous skin. I want to throw myself into the water, take the form of a fish, resist the pressure, generate luminous limbs and dig into the abyss, find solace in the most secret world to us who walk on dry land. The interface has heard my thoughts, my swimming desires, made them possible, gave me a deep sea full of life and I want nothing more than to immerse myself, go down, breathe with the skin, nourish myself by filtering the surrounding fluids.

I think and run towards the expanse of water with so much breathlessness that half of my body separates from me but it doesn't matter, the depths call, so what good is such a body if placed in an eco-system unsuitable for it. I push hard from my belly and three long tentacles come out, young and pale, covered with amniotic fluids, but ready to help me in the descent. They move quickly as the rest of my body gasps in an attempt to direct me, and so that I feel the other half also give way and melt; Meanwhile, I observe the scene while half of my face is already under water. I see many small bubble-like crustaceans that grab, cut and suck my liquid body and then regurgitate a purple plasma that immediately hardens upon contact with the water, pours it on me and where I let myself die, I am reborn covered with a strong carapace, and even my eyes are displaced, the view changes, no longer front but side, covered with thick membranes. I continue to descend into the depths using my tentacles as if they were flagella, arching the body, pushing in the dark. Around me other reborn beings surround me in a circle emitting crackling ultrasounds, convulsive screeches, screams of joy from the underwater world that precede a glorious event. All together we descend into the abyss trying to open a new gateway of understanding, as the minds of each open in a hive connection


Ep.8 - the Amphibious light of our love (Spring Hymns)

Could i be more sleepless

deprived, tired, totally absorbed by my shell

I'm cracking it, tickling it, tiny arms scratch their way out

could i be more astonished

my cicada skin, all wrinkly and dry

is preparing to fall of

what's beneath

just air, unbreathable, poisonous

the very essence of a being

A heavy burden push my eyes down

but i can't sleep, it's afternoon after all

that's a first step into darkness

but not for the first time

I'll kiss my girly body with excessive whisteria


  1. ava, Bani-Chan, AYYA, 333coconutz, Contacto, CSN GLO, Elvin Brandhi, Eterna, Exploited Body, Fauness, Frederik Valentin, Lockbox, Nova Era, N-Ый Мистер, Quit Life, Rogergoon, t0ni, Van Dank, Wa?Ste

Ep. 7 - Will is broken, head is empty. A dark storm awaits

And every member of my body began to tremble

head to emptying, and the thoughts poured out onto the floor

like fish that gasp out of the water.

I hear them, the clouds gray and soaked with darkness

they will come and get me

sucking me up, draining me, freeing me

from every action I would be forced to take

if my life, fragile and insignificant,

could or wanted to go on

With traks by Arc, Ava Akira, Bènèdicte, Chams, Contacto, Eera, Opal, Grasps, Himera, John Bence, KNECHTJONG, Kurama, Lifelover, Oxbow, Oxhy, Ramsay, Sakidasumi, t0ni, Thomas, Couture23, Organ Tapes


Ep. 6 - Farewell, sister (Just like we never say goodbye)

I can't really process what happened.

You were a luminous beacon, a guide, you went out, but your torch will always burn in the hearts of those who, in you, found hope, acceptance, love.

Although I can't normally cry easily, this time I found myself flooded with tears.

Even if words fail to encompass the pain and grief that I, and many others feel, music can.

Sophie, this is for you

Farewell, sister

Rest in Power

Questa puntata è dedicata a Sophie, è stata un’artista fondamentale per la mia crescita artistica, così come per molti altri. La sua morte ha lasciato una voragine gigantesca, davvero difficile da colmare. In qualche modo ho voluto esprimere il dolore che consegue ad un evento così tragico, indelebile per la mia generazione; eppure queste parole non riescono a descrivere il mio stato d’animo attuale, ho lasciato che fosse la musica a farlo. In questo programma ho sempre cercato di racchiudere delle sensazioni che lasciassero aperti dei varchi verso altre vite, altri stati emotivi, in modo da saziare una continua voglia di esperire. Sophie riusciva a fare esattamente questo, e a comunicarlo alle persone che la circondavano, Greed for Life non esisterebbe senza di lei.

With traks by Umru, Mithrill, Bloodz Boi, ity, Parl Dro, Dviance, @pat 16120, Rainfield, Vomeieren, WAST?E, Tek800, Sclews, Marcy, The Cloutsiders, 333coconutz, Judas, Lokey


Ep. 5 - From the Bottom of My Heart

We're Here, harvesting sunlight.

The power of the starz sublimates directly into the very founding mycelium of the earth

My emotions spread like a fairy cloud, infecting and mutating the area surrounding the high cypresses, the autumn hill, the bodies of my loved ones.

This is from the bottom of my heart, a sincere letter of devotion

This body is not a cage, But a tool to percieve the uncanny of the living, And I sure love to fade into dreams percevied as reality. Would you stare at the abyss and laugh so hard that your lungs will ache for months?

Spit out your angery, embrace the warmth of the others. That's my battle against the spirit, my elevation t(owards it)

This body is not a cage, but a tool to percieve the uncanny of the living, and I sure love to fade into dreams percevied as reality. Would stare at the abyss and laugh so hard your lungs burn away

Don't end it so suddendly! there is still so much to see and feel. I feel like I'm living so many lives inside mine, unlearning just to learn again Stop it just to see it recharging the pace again. Starz watch me as i trepass the veil

Scrap scrap Scrap scrap Scrap scrap Scrap scrap Scrap scrap Scrap scrap Scrap scrap the bottom of my heart

(William Blake featuring) Love and harmony combine, And round our souls entwine While thy branches mix with mine, And our roots together join.

I'm Wario when I'm on Mario Kart, From the Bottom of my heart....

Tracks by: Glaive, Sosda, Sibil Roosvelt, Thrilliam Angels, Julia, Laura Les, Himera & Petal Supply, Franc015, Show Me The Body, Orchid, Celesine, Shrimp, Chief Keef, Angels in America, Adios Adios, Crisis Cat, Dj Interior Semiotics, Swoopy, Loveboy, 0comeups.


Ep. 4 - Sincerely Yours

Talk to me

You never do

You're my angel, the only one

My words can't reach the kosmos

But you let me grow eyes on the inside

and now I can penetrate your soft mollusc skin with my thoughs

What a view from above the nightmare

Sincerely Yours

Artists in no particular order: Ange Halliwell, Insin, Boysnightsout, Yoshitaka Hikawa, Akira Yamaoka, Malibu, Salem Health, 3Castles, +777000, 333coconutz.


Ep. 3 - The self surface in a sea of terror and tears

Bless on those quiet days, a holy path of rescue

it may be a mind thing, a trick, a strike to the heart

the revelation venue, squared and quarantined

twelve on thirteen explosions - twelve or eighteen

here we are, baby

the Supermassive Limbo extend itself only for us

cobblestone auto-generates for us


Sorrow pave the way to the light

bitter biscuits gates

Sorrow pave the way to the light

in an eternal crisis cause I don't know myself right

hyper-concussive slighterin throne

gobbles’s cream insted of bones

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

fungi connected to life like i'm not human anymore

not anymore, baby


  1. Avalanche Death
  2. Crown Shyness
  4. Dida & Gapi
  6. BigDog30k
  7. t0ni
  8. Otro
  9. N9899
  10. Reid Babbington
  11. My Sword
  12. Stargirl
  13. Oliver Coates

Ep. 2 - Gouging souls through the earth vessel

Freezeing are the winds of change, a crushing brainstorm

I break every bones on this path

little parts resist and drag themeselves as a trashbag on the shoulder of the Soul

Darkwraith king of myself the world will never hurt me as much as me

and totally naked eaten alive by worms on the road to home, I got lost

where is home? what am I? I can see through my wounds and skin,

a thin paper sleeve where my pencil dance as watering falls run on the inside.

I Want the eyes of the stars and the body of a ghost,

I want the hands of death and the mouth of a girl

My flesh is so young yet so anonymous

Maybe it's time to dissolve and become perfect for once,

delete my desires, they are my gravestone

and dance only in the dark

Artisti in ordine sparso: Mana, Simon Thomas, Rene Hell, Tiny Mouse, Peake, A, Bela, Ecco2k, Eterna, Innerfreekling, Kazuimichi, Snow.


Ep. 1 - Lifelink

Now that the path is clear, ambition can take the place occupied by worries and guilt. It’s not a sin to desire a complete experience of life, a full connection with other essences, a lifelink long and branched enough to reach the bottom of every heart. Greed is nor good or evil, it’s just the desire to acquire, not to keep for oneself.

All tracks by: Health Potion, Kurama, Oxhy, Biyvili, Dj fun126, D v D, Ghédalia Tazartès x Bladee, Laura Les x Notorius Big reading Lovecraft, Sematary, Swaya & Valeda, Team Rockit, Torus, Timo Maas.